"This game doesnt support achievements"

  • Hello, i try to earn some achievements in some retro games on my new installed recalbox. But if I try a game, at the beginning, i receive the message: This game doesnt support achievements. Unnecessary to say, that all this game are in the achievement list, like pokemon emerald for GBA , Zelda A Link to the past or Sonic for Mega Drive. If I google this error code, I can only find some source code of retroarch. It seems, I am the only person in the world who has this problem... Maybe you have an idea anyway, thanks!   PS: I can't speak/read French, so maybe here is already an answer to my problem, but iam not able to understand...

  • Hey Jones, I'm UneLoutre from retroachievements. It won't be helpful but most game works for me with recalbox (a few games won't work, like Star Fox). Note that i only play with US roms, because they are recommended to play with retroachievements. That means it should work for you too, maybe you should look for another version of the Rom you want to play.

  • Why doesnt Star Fox work?

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