Initial difficulties summarised !!

  • so installed latest beta yesterday on fresh Sandisk 16GB SD card - using Pi2 / GioTeck PS3 wireless controller (NOT BT) + a Logitech Wireless keyboard - will that cause conflict ?? Anyways see below for findings: Will NOT let me set 'over clock' option from frontend emulation station - also tried doing this in config.txt but would not let me save changes in nano (as root) Not sure if this is controller / keyboard incompatibility but once 'in game' will NOT let you exit other than reboot / shutdown / force shutdown As mentioned Using it on a Pi2 at the moment -will  keep you posted ?

  • Looks like you mised a few details on how recalbox works. Have you set a hotkey on your pads ? To exit a game : press hotkey+start /boot/config.txt is on a read-only filesystem. You're supposed to be able to change the overclocking settings from ES. I'm surprised you can't do it as it always worked so far (needs a reboot of course). Recalbox doesn't handle keyboard configuration. Some emulators may support keyboards, some others not.

  • So did a fresh install today on a RPi2 - using the same SD card and a Rpi-WiFi dongle and voila !! RESULT !! Not sure what happened last week but today I had no difficulties getting out of games , overclocking options showing up properly and WiFi kicked in straight away after login !! Works very well on RPi3 apart from WiFi - tried with and without Dongle  ! Looking forward to full RPi3 compatability - no pressure  :0) Keep up the good work !

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