How to delete controller configs

  • Recalbox 4.0.0b3 I mapped my xarcade controller via the emulationstation controller config menu, but now I want to just use it as a keyboard encoder as described here ( How do I delete my xarcade config from mapped controllers and go back to just keyboard keys. Also, can I map keys not shown in the above link, so map a ESC key to use instead of start+select, or a key for pause and froward?     Thank you

  • Ok, how do I blank-slate my emulation station configs. Like how my system was before I mapped any controllers. The last update b3 has really screwed up my xarcade controls, and now Y and L2 both read as button 0 and R2 is unresponsive.   Any ideas?

  • You can specifically delete your controller config by editing the following file via ssh, terminal or the SMB share point from your PC and deleting the section that has your controller's name (will be at the end of the file): share\system.emulationstation\es_input.cfg Alternatively, if using ssh, WinSCP or similar (not the SMB share point) you can copy the original es_input.cfg from /recalbox/share_init/system/.emulationstation and paste it to the location mentioned above.   Eric

  • @dh04000 hey dude, that's the drawbacks of beta. My bad, i'm the one responsible for messing up things. But linux sometimes maps the same ID codes to different id names 😕 To reset to defaults : connect with ssh to you recalbox, stop ES with /etc/init.d//S31emulationstation stop and copy /recalbox/share_init/system/.emulationstation/es_input.cfg ~/.emulationstation. Restart ES or reboot your system, and you should have the default config of xarcade Mention me with @subs if you need some more help regarding this problem

  • Sorry if it sounded like I was yelling at the recalbox dev's or being not thankful for the work you have done. That is far from the truth, I am very thankful for the work you have done on this amazing project! Tone is just hard to convey over the internet. 😛   Thank you for the help Eric and Subs, I'll try your suggestions tonight and see if that fixes the problem.   BTW; @Subs    I am going to take a picture of my work-in-progress arcade machine to show you my abnormal set up. I want to do somethings with the controls that are not so mainstream and would love if you could give me suggestions on how to achieve my goal. I'll try to get some pic up tonight. <span style="line-height: 1.5;">Thank you again. :)</span>

  • @dh04000 you didn't sound rude don't worry 🙂 I understand the "it was working on the previous beta" thing as i'm the one responsible for adding a bug. I asked for forgiveness wuite a few times already lol For your project, sure, go ahead and ask. As long as it's just xarcade / recalbox / programming stuff, i can help.

  • @Subs Here's my build. ( The raspberry pi is mounted inside the cabinet on the left wall, along with a usb hub. the usb hub connects to 4 empty usb plugs that are mounted below the wood control deck, and allow me to plug usb controllers into the system.   My control deck is meant for FBA and Mame, and NOT game systems. I'm buying controllers for them. The control deck is a custom made from a xarcade BYO kit ( You can't see the two select/coin buttons, but they are below the control deck. The control board keys are mapped as shown here (™+Programming+Guide), where the 4 middle/top butons are the c&5&]&6 keys just in a different position. My goal is to use those keys for to be for pause, fast forward, (something) and exit mame/FBA.   Currently, I followed your sugestion on how to fix my controls, but on mapping it had the same problem. It thinks L2 and B are both button 0 and that both are the hot key as well. Making it unplayable. Is it possible use the xarcade as a pure keyboard encoder (as it is one) and avoid this issue?   I tried the guide here ( and it didn't seem to work.   Any ideas how I can fix this? Thank you Subs  🙂

  • @dh04000 could you switch your recalbox to the unstable branch, update, and try again ? It's been fixed : (check the unreleased, it's what is ready for beta 4). Anyway, as i have a tankstick, i solved this by using a different button for HK : it's one of the flipper buttons on the side Recalbox is not meant for keyboards, autoconfiguration stuff only handles joysticks And why do you try to map L2 ????? Your buttons layout should be Y X L for the upper range, B A X for the lower range, then START + SELECT for each player, HK for player 1 (you can skip it for player 2)

  • @Subs I'll try to migrate to the unstable branch either tonight or tomorrow. Any idea when the unstable will become the stable b4, btw?   If I don't map L2 and R2, then how do I use those last 4 buttons for functions in retroarch? I want to use them for fast forward, pause, ect. Any ideas?   Thank you.

  • Just my 2cents, but I have been on the unstable branch for weeks now and I haven't had any issues with the last handful of nightlies. As a bonus the new power on/off button options and fast shutdown ROCK!!! Also if you're concerned about unstable releases and do use/can use a USB HDD or Flash Drive as external storage you can wipe and reinstall any version without having to reconfigure or reload anything since the OS stays on SD and all your customizations/settings/roms/saves/etc stay on the USB device.

  • @dh04000 not so many buttons are handled by xarcade2jstick for now. In a distant future, maybe, but not for now. I mentionned above what buttons can be mapped. All is based on xarcade's tanksticks, which has 10 buttons, and you want to map 11. And sadly, i know nothing about your controller. Would need further investigation to support it

  • @Subs I switched my system to the unstable branch successfully, and were able to correctly map all my keys, including L2 and R2. I want them mapped to I can use them for custom controls. Is it possible for me to change the config to allow me to map player 1 L2 & R2, and map player 2's L2 & R2 as player 1's L3 and R3? As I said earlier, I want to use these controls to do extra functions.   I'm thinking of of using (from left to right) HK, fast forward, pause, exit. So, I need to be able to map more keys and have more freedom on the ownership of those keys to do so. The x-arcade BYO is the extra same chip as the 2 player tank stick. It just doesn't come with a box.

  • @dh04000 glad you could switch to unstable and it solved your bug. As I said : xarcade2jstick only handles 11 buttons. So you can't have all what you want. 11 buttons means A B X Y L1 R1 START SELECT HK + a free button

  • @Subs    Ok, I have zero coding knowledge, but I've been reading the source code on GitHub and it is very nicely commented and seems very simple. I think I figured how to make my dream version of xaracde2jstick that handles my controls how I want it too. <span style="line-height: 1.5;">Literally copy and pasting, and changing a few variables. Not bad to do.</span><span style="line-height: 1.5;"> Once I compile my version (which should be tomorrow?), where do I copy my new executable into the Recalbox file system?</span><span style="line-height: 1.5;"> </span>   Thanks.

  • Well, that was a huge failure. I tried to follow the make, make install instructions here( and it put up and error for the changes I made.... seems like this is harder than I thought.

  • @Subs, Is there a way I can break xarcade2jstick to make it treat the xarcade chip as a standard keyboard encoder? I see that it supports keyboard encoders now. Maybe I'll have more freedom with my controls if it is a straight keyboard encoder.

  • I found a way to break xarcade2jstick to trick it in thinking that my xarcade system is a plain keyboard encoder. I changed the zero to 1, so if it sees an xarcade chip reporting on the usb, then it treats it as a plain keyboard encoder anyway. I'm in the process of generating a custom fba_libretro.cfg to match my intended controls. Wish me luck.

  • Turns out that I was very confused on some things.   Turned off xaracde in the configs, and made a custom retroarch config. The controls are how I want them now.

  • @dh04000 where do you compile it ? on a raspbian ? then : dunno what you changed, but we patched the original version. You should look for our package on recalbox-buildroot. And take care, on every update, your version would be overwritten

  • @Subs   I was confused on terms. Thought for about a couple hours that make, make install was compiling, whoops (still a linux noob even after 8 years). I was messing with stuff in both the xarcade program and the init.d file for it, but in the end, I stopped being an idiot, and figured how to generate a custom config ( and now my controls work how I want them in FBA! Woohoo!   Sorry for the trouble Subs.  😛

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