Recalbox 7.0

SNES Game won't start

  • I must be misunderstanding something, I transfer the game files over the network to the Super Nintendo folder and they show up.   I select a game and the screen goes black for a second then returns to emulation station. I have downloaded the necessary Bios files to the bios menu, and attempted including disksys.rom with the game files/folders themselves   (How I understood the wiki) and it won't accept that file when I transfer games. selecting different emulators makes no difference either. What am I screwing up?

  • Okay so I think I realized my mistake with the bios. Any suggestions on what a person might Google to find what he's after?   Striking out out so far. I want to like this. The interface and ease of configuration are great. But Retropie worked....

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    Hello very strange, what game ? recalbox 4.4.0 ?

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    Hi @obiwade, I'd say that the problem comes from your rom, not recalbox. Please try with other roms. For snes: Rom files must have a ".sfc/.smc/.zip" extension. Put them in: (from network on a Win computer) \recalbox\share\roms\snes\ You can find roms everywhere on the net. Question: why are you using disksys.rom? this is bios for the famicom disk system.

  • Yes, recalbox 4.0. All "roms" are .smc.   I have the same issue with all the other emulators as well.   no longer attempting to use disksys.rom (but not having luck getting a useable snes bios)....... But it may be irrelevant if I'm unable to play games I do have the bios for...   my my new thought, is perhaps it's tv related? It is a 1080P tv, but I have read where others have had some issues with the display/resolution settings...?

  • Um, I thought disksys.rom was for Famicom Disk System games, not Super Nintendo which does not need a bios??   If you ARE trying to play Famicom Disk System games (not smc files - that's SNES) then maybe your bios is wrong. did you load your Bios file by going the recalbox's built-in web page and go to the bios section and drag them in that way? When you load a bios thru the web interface is runs a hash check to verify you have a working bios file. As far a resolution goes, recalbox drops the TV resolution to 720p during retroarch emulation. I have never seen a 1080p tv that didn't support 720p as well.   Eric

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