Recalbox 7.0

Bluetooth not enabled - Pi3?

  • Hi All,   I just installed Recalbox and for the most part it's working but when I try to pair a Bluetooth controller, it does not work. I am trying to pair a PS4 controller, and realize this might be an issue. So I have turned bluetooth on on my phone to see if I am able to see the Pi's Bluetooth - I am not. Is there any way to enable bluetooth on the recalbox or test to see if the bluetooth is working? I am unfamiliar with this type of linux build, so I am not really sure what to try. Does anyone have any suggestions?   I should note that the PS4 controller, when connected via USB still is not detected.

  • Hi, On board bluetooth is yet not compatible, you will need a dongle. I don't know about PS4 controllers, does it work on USB if you plug it before start raspberry ?

  • That'll be why it's not working then, and why I can't enable it! Thank you for saving me hours of frustration.   I have not tried booting with the PS4 controller plugged in via USB, I will try this as well.

  • Global moderator

    Bluetooth is not included in recalboxOS currently. you need a dongle. and it seems that ps4 is only compatible with USB , read

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