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For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

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USB - PS Adaptor possible?

  • Hi, I have a RaspiPi2, with recalbox v4b3, using 2x ShanWan bluetooth PS3 controllers which is working fantastically. I understand that recalbox also supports many USB controllers OOB. I also have a JoyTech PS1 DualShock Steering/Pedals that I would like to try and use. I have tried connecting with a USB - PS adaptor but so far without success. Attached is a picture of the adaptor. The details of the adaptor are: Device Name: PS3/PC Gamepad, Product ID: 0x0523, Vendor ID: 0x2563, Manufacturer: ShanWan Is it possible for this setup to work? Thanks.

  • Team

    Hi sadly we do not support usb ps3 controllers, and it seems that your controller simulates one :( Maybe in a future version of recalbox :)

  • Hi, thanks digitalLumberjack for the reply. I'll keep fingers crossed for support in a future version :-)

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