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PI3 gpio and other questions

  • Hi, on Pi3 the GPIO pinout is the same on Pi2? is Gpio driver (with dedicated hk button included) in the recalboxOS-4.0.0-beta3 version or i have to recompile it manually? In recalbox manual, what does it mean "You can connect you button directly to the ground as the driver enable gpio internal pullups."? and on beta3, what does it mean: Power management switch support for pin 5/6? Tnx and sorry for all these questions!

  • Hi, 1) PI2 and PI3 gpio are same versions. 2) mk_arcade_joystick_gpio driver is included, you can use gpio by adding this line in recalbox.conf controllers.gpio.enabled=1 3) It means you don't have to add a "pullup resistor" on each button, hard to explain as long as I am not an electronic expert 😛 4) you can use an on/off switch or momentary switch to start and stop Recalbox ! More information here

  • Hi nosfay, 2 - i know gpio driver is included, but if i remember there is a branch of this driver with a dedicated HK button. With the standard driver hk funcion is the same button as the select key. 4-link is the same as point 3, but if i have understand, now you can power on and power off pi usging gpio pins?

  • Here is the good link, I missed my paste 😛 And for gpio and hotkey, I see there is a mapping for select AND hotkey. If you want more information, you may go on IRC

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    Hi, You can check my Post to add a power, reset and led directly to gpio.

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