Recalbox 7.0

Poly-play the only GDR Arcade machine

  • Dear Folks, i am running the newest recalbox on rpi3 with gpio controller. I have a special interest to get the mame ROM (attatched) that i got from section Mame and Mame4All to run. On recalbox I only get the menu of the game but the game is waiting for a coin to be inserted. I already checked: - Mame-Menu (TAB) - does not appear - All Keyboard Keys (expected was CTRL-Key but it does not work) - GPIO-Controller Pins on different settings The game does run on retropie on emulators "advmame" and "mame4all". The key for coin is CTRL. Can anybody help me with a solution or a hint what to try? I really want to get it to run, it is so nice eighties homebrew. Thanks a lot. Sebastian

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    Hello Sorry for my english i speak a little bit but do you have good romset for arcade emululators recalbox ? can you read theses pages : and recalbox works only with gamepad, to exit hotkey+start mame default -> libretro mame2003 -> mame romset 0.78 if you use imame4all > select game > button select > edit metadata and change emulator and core option.

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    Hello Sebastian well polyplay works fine for me on current mame. I used select on my xbox360 driver to add a coin, on a keyboard you may want to try "4" or "5" on upper side

  • Dear Acris dear Voljega, it took me weeks to get back to that problem for I was almost desperate. Thank you. What I did was simply - download the correct rom for mame4all - set the emulator to libretto and MAME078 - I do not know why this works, I still do not get it. Thanks anyway.   Sebastian

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