Problems with Mame/FBA Demon Front

  • Hello, I have a problem to play the FBA/Mame games Demon Front and Mortal Kombat 3. I have the bios file and the, in the same folder.   I processed the, file with clrmamepro and the .dat file from the recalbox roms/fba ,/fba_liberto and mame.But nothing blackscreen with all cores/Emu. Please help me. At the clip from on youtube he shows that mk3 and dmnfrnt are working on the Recalbox. Sorry for my bad english. I have a RPI3 with the news image.

  • Team

    Hi please read this You have either bad revision of the roms, and you must add the bios for demon front.

  • CRT Maniac

    If you use a RPi2, the emulation isn't perfect but is playable. Resolution : 640x480 Emulator : FBA RetroArch options : - Integer Scale : On - Aspect Ratio Index : 19:14 - No shader/Filter And as @digitalLumberjack said, BIOS is needed in same folder as rom

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