OpenVPN on Recalbox?

  • Hi, is it possible to install OpenVPN on the Recalbox? Or more precise, is it possible to run Recalbox also as an OpenVPN server? Greetings m0nKeY

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    Hi m0nKeY, it's not possible to add fonctionnality like OpenVPN on recalbox easely. If you want custom your retrogamming station with others packages, i recommand you to use a distribution like retropie based on raspbian software. Recalbox is a buildroot based software. Only necessary packages is inclued on it. And a vpn solution for a retrogamming distribution is not realy necessary :/.

  • Thanks again, I read the howto about adding packages on your own, but I wanted to ask to be sure. My know-who would be enough to add packages on my own, even though I have to learn a lot. Considering the lack of time you are right to advise me to use retropie. Greetings m0nKeY

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    But juste because i'm curious. Why do you want add openvpn on recalbox ? You want make recalbox gift to your "friends" and when they play at snes, you want use is openvpn <span id="result_box" class="short_text" lang="en"><span class="">hidden on it for navigate in the deepweb or download your bigest</span> </span><span id="result_box" class="short_text" lang="en">physical <span class="">collection of game and movie ? lol</span> </span>I doesn't want become your friend haha :p.

  • Yeah, I'm an evil person. 😄 My provider uses Dual Stack Lite, so I only got a IPv6 address to reach my network. But i.e. my mobile provider only supports IPv4. So I wanted to use the rpi3, because it doesn't consume that much power and it can run 24/7, as a VPN-bridge to my network together with an IPv4->IPv6 mapping service.

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