Recalbox 7.0

Mame keyboard Maping problem

  • Hi everybody:   I,m on a new Bartop Project. I,m using a Raspberry 2 with a 10,1 vga Tft Screen , and a handmade controlbox. All is working ok in the front-end (Recalbox). The Control box is detected as a key board and I can assign all the keys perfect. My problem is when I go in to  Mame and Run a Rom, the keys assignaments doesn´t work, so I have to take a bt keyboard and tab to map again into Mame. After this, the game is working perfect, until I return to the main page of Recalbox, if I go into Mame again, the keyboard maping has been  reset and have to be remaped again each time I change the Rom. I,m using recalbox 4.0 beta 2 and the default mame2007. Does any body Know where the cfg key maping file of Mame2007 is ? Perphaps the default keymap is read only and you can´t save the modified file.   Than´s in advance.

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    It's not possible for the moment, there is a new corrected mame2003 which will be integrated in a few betas and will correct this problem

  • So If I modify the default mame engine on recalbox with the mame4all engine , will solve that ?

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