RPi3 support for v3.x? (not just v4.x)

  • Hi, I'd like asking if there is a chance that Rpi3 board support could be added to Recalbox v3.x and hence available for those users on current 3.x via Recalbox autoupdate? I know this has been added to v4 Beta but It would be very welcome in v3 as for many of us to avoid the migration until v4 gets Final. I understand most of new features go to new beta versions but at the end this feature is purely HW support and I hoped it could be released in 3.x 🙂 Thanks, Marcos

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    Hi, you may not have understood what is 4.0.0 It's the 3.0.0 with natural evolution and a better update system. You are asking something weird as the 3.3.0 already have rpi3 support and its called 4.0.0 You may not get the amount of work to do such a thing and the fact that the team work for free. Please consider not requesting such things as keeping alive an obsolete version, you're not asking Sony to let you run the psone bios on ps4 are you? If you respect our work, install the 4.0.0. Or wait for the stable quietly 🙂

  • Thanks for your response Lumberjack. Obviously I didn't imply you should do what I ask for; I'm not your boss neither your father but isntead a devoted user of the open-source project you participate into. I only asked a question on a request. If guess perhaps you think any of others users are selfish people who suck your energy levels. Don't let your ego ruin your goodwill 🙂

  • 3.0.0 will work on the RPi3, but won't be able to take advantage of all of its features outright.  If you can compile for the Pi2, it will at least work.  Otherwise, you'll need to recompile for the Cortex-15 and hope it works.

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