[4.0.0] Remote control in Kodi

  • Hi, first of all thanks a lot for great recalbox! I'm very happy with it. Now I have a little problem. I try to use a remote control in embedded Kodi. Now I have the problem, that some keys, especially the volume down key, is not working in the kodi version integrated in RecalboxOS, while it was already working on OSMC and OpenElec. That's a little bit annoying because the original remote control of my TV also is not in good condition anymore. It would be great if the volume down key of this remote control could work on the Kodi integrated in RecalboxOS. Anybody has some ideas? Thanks! This is the remote control i mean. It's a little bit popular for kodi because it's very cheap. remote control

  • It's a known Kodi issue and would require key mapping especially for Kodi to fix it.

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