Kodi Update?

  • Since Kodi Jarvis has been released is there anyway we can update the Kodi on the RecalBox Software|

  • I don't believe that Kodi is used with Recalbox due to controllers not functioning properly.  I suppose you could use Kodi if you want to, but it would probably only work with keyboard and mouse when you do it.  If you can get the source code, you could probably compile it yourself.  However, you'll have to change a few settings on the Pi to allow for higher memory usage while pretty much taxing your flash card with constant reads and writes back and forth during compilation. I would tell you how to cross-compile it, but I'm not entirely familiar with cross-compilation and it would seem that neither is anyone else here.

  • Thank you for your reply. But RecalBox has a media center which when you load into it loads Kodi but its Kodi Isengard. and the made the controller work with it well. But I would love to know program is use to compile recalbox I would love to work with the coding to assist the Recalbox community by helping to add more emulators

  • First, I would recommend copying your config file for Kodi.  It should contain anything that makes it work right with controllers. Second, dd your entire card to an image the reverse way of how you would create your sd card in the first place to make restoration easier. Third, get the source code.  If it is a version not offered via updates, you will need to compile it, uninstall the old version, and install the new one. Depending on what Pi version you are using, you might be able to build it fairly easily. To build it on the Pi, access your Pi config program and devote all but 32MB of memory to the system.  Do what you can as far as copying and moving files and folders via your GUI.  When it comes to compilation, try to just use your bash terminal without any GUI running to reduce memory usage.  Begin with .configure.  Then make adding any CPPFLAGS, CFLAGS, etc that you want to use that won't break anything.  Personally, I like to add USE="graphite lto" and LD="-fuse-ld=gold" as make flags.  Feel free to look for gcc flags on Google if you like, but don't go overboard.  Using thumb interwork speeds things along nicely, but can cause larger code. End with make install. Copy config files back and hope it works. If it doesn't, just restore that image you had before and wait for an update. Have fun and hope it works for you!   Edit:  You will need to install a few programs to make any files like autoconfig, gcc, binutils, etc.  Basically, just a build platform unless you want to cross compile it from Ubuntu, but I've been trying to do that for weeks and nobody here seems to know how that works so you'll be on your own on that one.

  • Just wait for us to update recalbox with it. We don't compile kodi from the main source but from the one mebedded in buildroot. We got out of luck since Jarvis was released a few days around the initial release of 4.0.0 beta1. I think you can expect Jarvis for 4.1

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