NEO GEO @ recalbox 4.0.0 beta 2

  • Hi Folks, I'm using a RPI2 with recalbox v3.3.0-beta17 with a couple of neogeo-games. Working fine with the following config: ## NeoGeo emulator ## You can use pifba or a libretro core (fba2x,libretro) neogeo.emulator=fba2x ## If you set libretro as neogeo.emulator, uncomment the line below and set the retroarch core (fba,imame4all) ;neogeo.core=imame4all I set up a new SD-Card with recalbox 4.0.0 beta 2 (newest Version today) with the same config and same neogeo-Roms but they aren't working at all. Are there some changes in Version 4, maybe the Bios File ? Can anyone provide me a Hash-Sum please ? I have several ROMsets - so which emulator is best choice for Neogeo-System?

  • i was read here this: Néo-Géo : If you want play to neogeo's games, you need to add bios inside the rom folder associated to the emulator used.

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    Maybe yor neogeo BIOS has an uppercase extension .ZIP ? There's a known bug in 4.0.0 with that rename it to .zip and it should work again For any infos on arcade on the Recalbox, please read the two github wiki pages related to arcade

  • Thank you very much dude, you made my day. Renamed it from .ZIP to .zip and everything works fine 🙂   Yay... let's play some Metal Slug !

  • I have a similar problem, I just migrated to the latest beta. I had my neo geo games in the FBA dir, but now most of them aren't working . The rest of the FBA games are working fine.

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