Guide to setup Moonlight please?

  • Hi,

    I am a new user on Raspi 4B. I have come quite far with my setup, but a big challenge has been that a large part of the old documentation has been deleted, and not been moved to the new documentation. I have tried to get by with glimpses of information collected from different places, and have come quite far.

    But I am unable to find ANY information about how to setup Moonlight with Recalbox.

    I have tried manual pairing with the script, and the pairing is succesful, but when I try to launch a moonlight session from the command line, it still says "you must pair first".

    Also I have no idea how to launch Moonlight from the Recalbox UI.

    Could someone point me to a tutorial/documentation please?

    Thank you very much, and cheers!

  • OK, I discovered that the French documentation has much more content.

    Here is the setup guide for Moonlight:

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