Recalbox 7.0

GPIO Controller on P1, Virtual gamepads not working

  • Hello, First of all, congratulations for your job with the GREATEST project in the whole internet. I have been able to setup everything ok on Recalbox 4 I have a GPIO controller configured and set the: controllers.gpio.enabled=1 and controllers.gpio.args=map=1 To make the first player use the GPIO controller. The problem comes when I try to connect a virtual gamepad with the mobile phone, to play a two player game (first player using GPIO controller and second player using virtual gamepad), a "virtual gamepad connected" message appears on the screen, but it simply doesn't work. Should I do something special to make the virtual gamepads work along with the GPIO controller? Thanks!

  • Have you mapped you virtual gamepad buttons to controller 2?

  • Entering the virtual gamepad page while i am in the home menu seems to work ok, it was not working because i was trying to activate my virtual gamepads when i was inside a game. Thanks!

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