Is is easy to add advmame or add trackball to Mame?

  • Hi,   Has anybody already tried to add AdvMame to Recalbox? Was it easy? I wanted to use AdvMame because as far as I know, it is the only Raspberry emulator that supports 2 controller types at the same time (in my case joypad emulation + mouse for trackball and spinner). As an alternative, if anybody has a solution to have a working trackball/spinner it also works for me 🙂   Thanks, Nuno

  • Nobody has Recalbox with spinner or trackball working?

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    I didn't even manage to make other mame pi version work with mouse

  • Hi Voljega, As far as I could understand the problem with Mame is that it doesn't support 2 different types of controllers at the same time. (e.g. Keyboard+mouse or Joypad+mouse which is what Recalbox with GPIO uses).   I was able to get keyboard+mouse work but only in AdvMame, that is why I was asking is anybody tried to add it to Recalbox.

  • Adding a trackball would require dedicated GPIO pins and the ability to translate it like a mouse ball.  It's possible and that would be the way to do it, but I don't know how to achieve it directly.  There was a project which I saw someone had built, but I can't remember how it was put together. Now, if possible and if you can get a mouse to work, you MIGHT just see if you can wire a USB mouse board (ball type) to the trackball and see what comes out.  You could even get two more buttons out of the deal if it goes well. With that said, if all of your buttons are GPIO, you should be alright.  If not, you'll need to converse with the MAME designers probably.

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