Cannot get ideal settings between input mapping and scaling with SNES emulation options on GPi

  • Hello,

    I've been trying to setup Recalbox on a GPi case I got for Christmas, but I'm having trouble with making SNES emulation work exactly how I want it. PiSNES doesn't respect the option for integer scale and I've been unable to find any way of addressing this. SNES9x2002 does have integer scale work properly, but I can't find a way to rebind the buttons for that emulation core and have them stick, which is something most other LibRetro cores have settings for and that I've managed to do with PiSNES with some deeper config editing. Is there a way to either permanently alter the button bindings with SNES9x2002 or force PiSNES to run with integer scaling?

  • I managed to fix it on my own soon after I posted this by figuring out how to rebind the controls on SNES9x2002; I'll share my steps for anyone else needing help with this.

    First, load up any SNES rom on the most recent SNES9x LibRetro core. (This core runs crap on a Pi 0, but don't worry.)
    Go into the Retroarch menu (Select + A or B, I can't remember) and go to the quick menu.
    From the quick menu, go to controls and then rebind all the buttons for the controllers to how you want them.
    Then save the core remap file.
    Change your emulation core to SNES9x2002, and go back to the same control section in the quick menu.
    Select 'Load Remap File" and navigate to the core remap file that was made for the modern SNES9x core and select it.
    Finally, save the core remap file for SNES9x2002.

    (All because we can't just do the first bit in SNES9x2002 for some reason... A pox upon you, whoever handled porting those old cores)

    Oh, and some words to make sure this can be easily found by anyone who needs it:
    SNES 9X 2002 remap rebind controls buttons GPi RecalBox PiSNES integer scale not saving sticking options settings

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