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  • Using a Pi4 4GB. After adding a large set of roms to mame and scraping there is a problem. I am using all the default theme settings but now some of the systems when opened display the list of games centred instead of to the left and there is no artwork or description. I have changed theme and tried all the different options but although the art and description have been downloaded they are not showing up in the selected system. Any help much appreciated. Thanks.

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    I am using all the default theme settings

    Sorry, but are you using the default theme, or a custom theme with the default settings?
    I will assume that you are using the default theme, if not, test with the default theme.

    In old versions of Recalbox, I saw this problem happen when using many systems at the same time, it overloaded VRAM and the theme started to present this type of bugs.

    You can try to modify the file:
    And change the line value:
    <int name="MaxVRAM" value="200" />

    But you should be on your own, unfortunately I don't have an RPi4, and I don't even have this problem (because I don't use so many systems).

    The most common/easiest, is don't use so many systems at the same time, some users divide the systems into different external storage, as it is extremely rare for any user to actually use all systems frequently.

  • @Zing Thanks, I am using only 4 systems, Atari ST, ColecoVision, neogeo and mame2003plus. I am using the default theme. I have tried changing the theme and going back to default bit that did not help. As it is only a small build I am going wipe the SD card adn rebuild and change to another USB drive for the roms. If the problem recurs I will try the modification to config that you suggest. Thank you for the advice.

  • @T1moth The issue persists. I have increased the MAxVRAM value in increments of 25 up to 400. After a rebuild it is now only the AtariST games list that does not display correctly. The games are listed down the centre of the screen and no other information is showing. If I change the theme settings it has no effect on the AtariST list but the other systems respond correctly.

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    @T1moth Okay, apparently the problem is not MAxVRAM as I suggested.
    How are you doing the scrape?
    I recommend that you update your gamelist, using external software, such as Skrapper, or ARRM.

  • @Zing Thanks, I'll try that and let you know how I get on.

  • @Zing I have now tried the Skraper you recommended. I am very happy, it is a very useful tool and has resolved the issue. Thank you very much for the advice.

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