Issues with Pi4/Nespi4/SSD

  • Hello,

    I´ve been trying to make recalbox work, but for whatever reason, system loose the information of the SSD. I´ve also tryied connecting ssd to pc in order to move (bios/rom7saves/music) folders to another folder a delete recalbox folder content on the SSD in order that at the next reboot recalbox recreate the recalbox folder again on the SSD.

    But after a while (maybe 2-3 restarts/shutdown later -not mentioning that recalbox doesn´t seems to shutdown properly the nespi4 case.) the system doesn´t seems to fine the ssd again....

    Sometimes it losses after a restart when i add a wifi password sometimes after i do a long scrap procedure...

    I also made fresh reinstalls of the recalbox at least 10 times but the issues seems to be always present.

    Didn´t try if issues is also present on pi3 or pc version. (will give feedback).

    Is there something that can be done over a script or so that would get the ssd to get better initiated or recongnized ?

    Best regards.

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