Raspberry pi 3B+ Recalbox Video Game Machine

  • Hi
    I am almost at my witts end trying to figure out what I can do with this console I purchased. I wanted to be able to play my own roms. There is even a selection in the menu weather to use the internal or external drive for data. It made no difference, it just used the internal one (which for some reason they wired up an made it external) When I plugged in my external 2TB portable drive, it copied all the system files, emulators, etc to the drive. I moved the roms on the portable drive to their respective directories now on the drive, chose the external drive in the menu system, but it still will not use that drive to read my roms from. I have over 500GB of roms so its not possible to add the SD card (even if I could, but its in Linux)
    I would like to know if this system is a complete waste of time, sending it back would cost me almost half of what I paid for it. Yes, it has a lot of games on it, but I really wanted a system that not only had its own assortment of games I could play, but the option to use my own roms too.
    Attached is a photo of what I purchased. Any input would be appreciated.

    recalbox edited.jpeg

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