Incorrect Resolution/Aspect Ratio in Games

  • Hardware: Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+
    System: Recalbox Version 7.1.1-Reloaded

    I just switched over to Recalbox from Retropie and I'm running into an issue where games are not displaying correctly. I'm running a Dell 2007FP monitor at 1600x1200 resolution specifically because it can maintain the proper aspect ratio for most games.

    Unfortunately while the main Recalbox screen looks absolutely perfect, when I launch any game on any system, they look blurry, stretched out vertically, and I have black bars on the left and right of the game (despite my monitor being a native 4:3).

    Things I've tried:

    • pretty much every option under "Game Ratio"
    • "Integer Scale (Pixel Perfect)" both on and off
    • Overscan on and off
    • modifying the recalbox-config and adding both "global.videomode=default" and "global.ratio=4/3"

    So far none of these adjustments have resolved the issue. Any other suggestions?

  • Fixed in discord. The latest line in the list was the right thing to do (global.videomode=default), but it was not in the right file (was in recalbox.conf).

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