Upgrade to raspberry Pi 4

  • Hello everyone. I couldn't find this in the forum nor in the documentation, hope I didn't miss it.

    I was happily using recalbox on a raspberry pi 3B+.
    I now got a Pi4 and discovered that the very same SD card won't work on it.

    I then realized that for Pi4 there is a separate image.

    How can I upgrade the image so that it can run on a raspberry pi 4 without needing to reinstall everything (and copy roms and all my customizations and the like)?

    Thanks so much.

  • You'll want to look at moving roms, bios, configs to external usb storage. This will allow you to re-image the MicroSD card with pi 4 image of 7.11 and then when you plug the usb back in and point to it in storage settings your roms and bios's will be there.

  • Yup, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately what you suggest is actually what I hoped to avoid: I have no extra storage for those ROMs other than the SD where they are right now.

    Also I made some bootcmd customizations, and other tunings as well, so I hoped to be able not to do everything manually again.

    So the only alternatives a far as I have understood are buying a new SD card and moving all the settings or sticking with Rpi3, right?

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