PSX roms black screen

  • Hi.

    I am running Recalbox 7.0.1 on my PC and anyone rom of PSX run. All of them stay in black screen by few seconds and return to gamelist. I put the BIOS in the right place and I try the same roms in pSX v1.13 emulator (on Windows) and they run.

    How can I fix it? Thanks.

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    @pols63 hi, windows is windows, recalbox is recalbox ^^
    Does your psx bios match the md5 signature ?
    Check the name, beware of uppercase/lowercase letters.
    At last, check your roms : prefer the redump romset for CD/DVD dumps.

  • Thanks. I will check the md5 and I will read the article.

  • @Scavy said in PSX roms black screen:

    At last, check your roms : prefer the redump romset for CD/DVD dumps.

    I check the bios MD5 and it's ok. I have six files as readme.txt indicates and it's name is all lowercase.

    I don't understand about redump. What is that?

  • Ok, I read about the redump. Thanks anyway.

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    @pols63 several teams are specialized in games' dumpings.
    No-intro is specialized in cartridge support games' dumpings.
    Redump is specialized in CD/DVDs support games' dumpings.
    You also have TOSEC, that also propose old computers games (amiga, apple, amstrad...)
    The link below will help you to make a choice.
    With the good words on the net, you'll find the different romsets 😉

  • Hi. I enter to the link, but I don't understand what to do. I see a list with the console names and a legend, but what thats mean?

    I enter to And I download a pack with CUE files, but, now what?

    Sorry, all is new... Please, explain me.

    I remember that with Recalbox 4 I didn't problems con PSOne...

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    @pols63 @pols63 Hi! I believe this tutorial will help you to understand more specifically about PSX (it is in French, but use google translator):

    When a game does not start, the most likely reasons are:

    • BIOS problems: Incorrect BIOS / Absence of BIOS / BIOS in the wrong place / BIOS with the wrong name or extension (both are case sensitive) / BIOS with the wrong MD5
    • Wrong game format - Within each folder of each console there is a _readme.txt file that explains the correct format (some consoles do not accept .zip, others accept ...)
    • Faulty / corrupted ROM - there is no solution for this, you need to get another ROM in this case.
    • Incorrect ROMSET - As scavy mentioned, ROMSET needs to be in accordance with the core (this is very important in the case of Arcades)

    In the case of PSX, you will see that .bin files need a .cue file to be started, read more about this in the link I quoted.

    You said the BIOS is correct, how did you check it? Check the Recalbox internal BIOS checker.
    Are you sure that your ROMs are in the correct format?
    Have you tried with another emulator/core?

  • Hi, @Zing. I saw the article, it's about roms multidisc, but I try with single disc.

    Respect to the BIOS:
    I put my files in the "share" partition: /bios, all files is in lower case and I check the MD5 with a software (md5checker.exe). I guess I should try the web interface, right? Is it possible to check with some online page? I only have one device and I need restart for switch SO.

    I don't think the rom is corrupt, because it work with pSX emulator.
    On which page do I find a compatible ROMSET?

    Respect the core, ok... I will try with another core.

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    @pols63 Since Recalbox 7.0 it was much easier to check the BIOS, as I said: there is an internal checker. Press Start in the console selection menu and you will enter the main menu of the Emulationstation, there you will find a BIOS checker (I don't know the right term in English, but it is not difficult to find).
    The internal verifier does the job for you: it will indicate whether or not you have the necessary BIOS, it will analyze the MD5, and if everything is right, you will see a green thumb icon (or red if it is wrong, and yellow if it is a non-essential BIOS).

    On which page do I find a compatible ROMSET?

    I don't know if ROMSET is the problem in the case of PSX, ROMSET is a big problem in the case of Arcades, but it is not usually so crucial in other systems.
    In addition, it is prohibited to request or share copyrighted material, so please do not request ROMs or BIOS.

    Test another core, check your BIOS, check the format of your ROMS, test with another ROM from another game (there are a few games that are incompatible). After doing all that, post the result here, and then we'll see other possibilities.

  • I was in the internal bios checker and all is in green. The six bios files are correct.

    I traid with three cores and anyone works with any rom. I have some iso and bin/cue files (8 files in total) but all of them start in black screen.

    Sorry for request a page, I understand the limitations.

    So!... I don't know how to fix it. I don't know what is the problem exactly.

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    @pols63 Can you test the latest official version with a USB stick with a clean installation without modifications? Only add PSX BIOS and ROMS. Test on another computer if possible as well.

  • Mmm... ok...

    That take me some few months... I don't have more resources, but I keep it in mind. Thanks.

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    @pols63 I'm not going to question your lack of resources, not even the time it will take you, BUT, if you don't have a USB stick, maybe you can borrow one from someone, or not? Even if you don't have another computer, maybe you can test this thumb drive on a friend / relative / neighbor's computer?
    I don't want to pressure you, I don't want to insist, I'm just trying to help by giving ideas, you can ignore it if it's not your case.

  • @Zing Thanks. Jeje, Really, I haven't access to another PC... That is to say, I have access to a laptop at my job, but, it doesn't count.

    I have a Raspberry Pi 3B+ but without charger. My new charger will come in two months, God willing. For that reason I said that take me some few months to make a test in my RPi and play PSOne there. I remember that in my RPi with Recalbox 4 I did not have problems with PSOne, even, I don't remember put any BIOS file... Maybe I am wrong.

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