Update OpenBOR build?

  • First off, I am very pleased that Recalbox 7 got the feature to play OpenBOR games. It is so cool that I get to have a authentic beat em up arcade experience with arcade cabinet.

    That being said, my only problem with this is that I discovered that the build of the console within Recalbox 7 was an older build when I played the more recent PAK files. Example is that ZVitor's Justice League United and Justice League Legacy (Games in here-> LINK REMOVED), the game won't let me advance to the next level after I beaten the first boss. I even tried to exit out the return to the game's main menu, but it won't let me leave until I have to exit the game altogether.

    I contacted the PAKs creator, ZVitor, if it was some sort of bug. He told me that the PAKs only run on the latest OpenBOR builds, since they added win animations, so that got me figure out that RecalBox 7's inclusion of the OpenBOR must be the outdated builds. I want to know that the next Recalbox update must have the latest OpenBOR build.

    If the patch don't come soon enough, can I be able to update the build manually? Is there a way to access the emulators/consoles manually?

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