More than 20 minutes to turn off Recalbox

  • Hi, Since I've made the scraper Mame, FBA, SNES, GENESIS and NEOGEO (approximately 8000 roms), every time I turn off Recalbox, it takes more than 20 minutes until it turns off. What process is launched when Recalbox off? Where can I look at the processes that are launched when I turn Recalbox? Does anyone know how I can fix? Thx.

  • It is not a recalbox problem but emulationstation problem 😕 During the boot, ES load all your gamelist.xml info in his ram. And during the shutdown, it write all your gamelist.xml loaded in his ram, to your SD. But 20minutes is fucking long.... What is your recalbox version ? What is your sdcard model, speed ? Have you roms on external storage ?

  • I can vote that hell yea it is long depending on how high you get. I have Recalbox 4.0 I have the Samsung Evo 64 GB SD card All roms are on internal storage.  Full NES,SNES, MAME, FBA_LIBRETRO, PIFBA, GBA, FDS, Genesis, Sega32x, GameBoy, Gameboy Advance, and several Playstation cues.

  • Had the same problem (not 20 minutes, rather 10 minutes) with Recalbox 4.0 beta, alot of roms and external HD. Delete images folders and gamelist.xml and let emulationstation create the gamelist.xml or wait the amount of time to shutdown. I couldn't find another solution.

  • There is nothing to do 😕 The problem come from the ES conception. A work of optimization has be done by @retroboy in recalbox 4.0.0 to multi-thread the loading/writing process. So you'll have this problem with all other distributions using ES as frontend and shutting down it cleanly. If you want to get back your recalbox responsive, you must no more use scrape or scrape less roms/systems. To clean up your gamelist data, you must kill ES before working on these files. To kill ES, F4 with a keyboard plugged on recalbox, or one of these commands by ssh : killall emulationstation or /etc/init.d/S31emulationstation stop. Once done, reboot or /etc/init.d/S31emulationstation start.

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