[Pi3] SNES controller unpaired

  • I recently bought the raspberry Pi 3B+ and installed the latest version of recalbox 7.0.1.
    When I connect my usb controller SNES, it fails to recognize it.
    I succeeded few times to pair one controller (only in 2 specific entries), but after a while it is just disconnected (this happened several times). And when I plug the the second controller, it doesn't pair and it is not even recognized.

    Both of them are working fine in my PC. And the keyboard and mousepad work normally in the raspberry box too.

    I removed everything from SD card and installed everything again (2x) and the problem keeps there.
    Is there any solution for that?

  • I tried to use the Recalbox 6.1.1, but the problem remained.
    I was able to connect just one controller (and is was not working properly all the time) and the other controller is not eve recognized after being plugged. Anyone having the same problem?

    Both controllers work fine in the PC.

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    @ninagomes1 Are you installing the latest official image from Recalbox, or are you using a ready image downloaded from the internet?
    What is the exact model of your joystick?

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