Mame .78 roms not working in 4.0

  • Wondering if anyone has seen anything funny with a few roms in mame 2003 I have a mame .78 romset that has been working really well, I had sorted it out to match the compatibility list in mame 2003 In the previous release of recal box 3.3.0 17 I had X-Men, Simpsons, Sunset Riders most of the 4 player games working without a problem. But after the upgrade Simpsons, Sunset Riders, Xmen do not work, most all of the other games I have tested work fine, street fighters neo geo games . Simpsons has no parent, and or required bios so not sure what else to try.   Anyone have them working in their version?

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    Maybe this will help you : I filed an issue because I found Bios/drivers files with uppercase extension (.ZIP) are not detected anymore in 4.0.0 when launching a game in Mame or FBA_libretro, juste renaming the extension to lower case corrects the problem.

  • To hidde your bios files, you can do it in ES. Once on your bios file in ES, press select, then edit metadata, activate hidden option, then save. Your file won't be more showed in ES.

  • That is helpful, but all my files roms, parents, everything is in lowercase  .zip Can you just confirm for me your simpsons and X-Men is working if I know it is my romset and not something in the compiled emulator I can just download a few different .78 romset versions and try them out.

  • Tested : - THE SIMPSONS (4PLAYERS WORLD, SET1) - X-MEN (4 PLAYERS VER UBB) - SUNSET RIDERS (4 PLAYERS VER EAC) And no problems with them. All my files are with a low case extension.

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    The hide option is not a good one when you need to massively hide files (like the 10 or 15 bios files in every mame / fba subfolders)

  • You can manually edit your gamelist.xml file if you don't want use the gui menu to add hidden option. We are very limited on ES with this kind of option...

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    Well removing .ZIP in the es_systems.cfg for mame & fba worked perfectly fine before

  • Yes I know, the team'll investigate on that. Be patient 😉

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