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USB mount in 4.0

  • Sorry if this has been answered already, but how would I go about loading roms from USB as in previous versions? Can't seem to find any info on this yet (I know it's still early for 4.0, still). Everything works great so far other than that. Thanks

  • Hi, You have to plug your USB key, then go to System Menu > share system (or something like that, I haven't my rpi next to me). Select your USB key or hdd and recalbox will copy all share files on your device, be patient ... and recalbox will reboot with your share on USB! (roms, bios, system config, etc...) You have to always use the same USB port. Just plug your device in a PC to see "share" files and you have access to roms files 😉

  • Thanks, that's what I thought. Doesn't seem to be copying anything over though. Does it have to be formatted a certain way? My external is on a powered USB hub and it read it once and made a folder with nothing in it. First it was formatted Fat32 then I tried NTFS. Fat32 seemed to read as it was an option in system settings. NTFS just shows a star. Thanks for your help I'll keep messing with it, if not I can always go back to a previous version where it did work through fstab. Just thought I'd try this version because of the USB support. On the previous latest beta i had a weird problem where I would loose sound on reboot with strange. Oh well thanks!

  • You can use an external storage device with a FTA32 or NTFS or EXT4 fs. This option don't format your device, only create a recalbox folder on root's device, then configure the system to mount it as share partition instead of sd card. Once your recalbox folder created on your DD, you have just to plug it on your pc then move your roms, save, bios, in the rights folders.

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