just loaded 7.0.1 fresh on a pi 4 scraper is not working

  • i guess i could manually copy what i have on my pi 3 sd card but just wondering why the 7.0.1 on my pi 4 is not working ? it's just skipping over all the games i have it set to refresh all games on all systems. i'm using a wired ethernet connection. not sure why it's not working anyone else having issues with 7.0.1 scraper ?

  • Please see this topic:


    This scraper issue is not a recalbox issue but a screenscraper issue.

  • understood :).. another question so i have media dir with images, manuals, thumbnails, videos from my pi 3 with recalbox 7.0.1, i just copied the same media folder for all my game systems for some reason atari 2600 and 7800 and sega mega drive are now showing any images in the theme and i even switched back to the default recalbox theme :(.. all others like nes, snes, mame etc.. show my copied images from media folder/dir fine.. i don't know scratching my head here as the xml files look similar between all of them not sure what to look for, still doesn't explain why it wouldn't work just copying over a folder of png files from the pi 3 7.01 to the pi 4 7.0.1...

  • When you copy the media directory, you need to copy the gamelist.xml file too. If your roms are exactly the same (same filename and same hash) and this file is added with the media directory, you should be able to see all medias in EmulationStation. This file is at the same level directory than your roms for each system. 🙂

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