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[Solved]8BITDO FC30 pro doesn't work in fba_libretro

  • Hi I got 8BITDO FC30 Pro connected to recalbox (Ver 3.3.0 Beta17) by bluetooth. It works perfect on other emulators like NES, SNES, GBA, PCX. When I try libretro with game  VARTH:OPERATION THUNDERSTORM, it just can't work at all. With this gamepad, I can only select and start game from system menu. After libretro starts the game, it can't get anything controlled. (I know I must insert coins first, the coins key is "select", but it doesn't work either). The things I can do is limited to: press "select" + "B" to bring up config menu, press "select"+"start" to get back to system menu. On the other hand, while in config menu, I can navigate with stick and select with "A", return with "B", I think this means gamepad do work under recalbox. Is there anything I missed with config settings? Thanks.

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    Hi, it's only that your hotkey is not working. Set the hotkey on L3 and test again 🙂 This was corrected in 4.0.0 🙂

  • Got it! Thanks a lot!

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