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The Recalbox Team.

Can you explain how the dosbox.bat is created for RPI 4?

  • I have followed some manual in which it only indicates that you must enter the "name" .exe but it does not work for me the file that I have downloaded also has an installer for Windows, I have no idea of ​​programming could you give me an example of how to run it from the micro SD of a Raspberry pi 4 I would be very grateful, sai could follow the example

  • @Edu28

    I'm going to explain you with an example of Prince or Persia game.

    You must put on a folder inside \share\roms\dos"name".dos

    Example folder: \share\roms\dos\prince.dos

    Inside prince.dos folder, the game files and a file called dosbox.bat with this text inside:

  • If it were another game, it would be enough to change the .exe? the games I want to play are the Alone in the Dark trilogy and the game The Abbey of Crime based on the famous novel in the name of the rose

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