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    Im very new here and hope someone can give me advices. Recently, I have upgrade my Bartop Arcade Recalbox OS and the P1 & P2 Joystick/Buttons were unresponsive. Im not sure what went wrong. It does recognise the PS3 controller and everything work well. I even double check the settings controllers but I dont see anything set up for joystick except it show default or PS3 controller. Does anyone know the problem? Please help me. 😢

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    @recalboxfan What upgrade / changes have you made?
    What version of Recalbox are you using? (say the version, don't say "the last one")
    Did you set up your bartop yourself, or did you buy everything ready, or did you download a ready image from the internet?
    What is your hardware?
    What did you change in the settings?
    Have you already remapped the controls in the Emulationstation menu?

  • Hi Zing,

    Thanks for the respond. I upgraded the version to 6.1.1 Dragon Blaze from 6.1.0 Before the upgrade I can use the built in joystick on the barter arcade which I purchase awhile ago. I thought the OS will identify the joystick. I look at the game controller setting on screen and only show default or Playstation 3 controller which I connected. There are no other setting than that. Also I send email to Recalbox team and they are not very helpful.. Just ask me to wait for 7.0 version. Where is the remapped setting on the the emulationsation? Do you know what setting for the set up?? Thanks again

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    @recalboxfan Read this:

    It's not like the team didn't want to help you, but as Recalbox 7.0 will be released on October 2nd, it ends up being more viable for you to wait for the next version, probably the problem has already been solved in it ...

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