Recalbox 7.0

Help with PSX resolution

  • latest recalbox on a raspberry Pi 2B+ . HDMI out to a HDMI to DVI to Dell 2311 16:9 monitor.

    recalbox menu is full screen but i cant get PSX to play at 4:3 in middle of screen. no matter what i have tried it always stretches the game to 16:9 .
    what am i missing. have tried to search for an answer but no go...
    I ultimately want to use an overlay/theme when the games are playing. everything else is working great its just this final presentation that eludes me..

  • Local Moderator

    @spud42 What is your version of Recalbox? Did you assemble it yourself, or are you using a ready-made image from the internet?
    What have you tried (you say you've tried several things, but don't explain what)? Have you tried changing the advanced emulator settings? Have you tried changing the videomode?

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