Raspberry Pi 4

For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

The Recalbox Team.

Theme Customisation

  • Hy!

    At the moment i build a bartop for the 60 Birthday, 4 my Brother.
    So i will include his name/face.

    I know, bootscreens, etc. pp should not be an option.

    So i think; the Favorite Section can be the right thing.
    Did anyone can tell me the path of the file?
    ...or, did anyone have a better idea?

    Kindly regards!

    Leo 😉

  • I search only 4 present! If it will go with the next update...
    ...it's shur'ly ok!

  • @smee

    Personalized overlays with photos of your brother could surprise 😂

  • Themer

    You can both change OST (your own "happy birthday song" with your voice) and picture of "favorite" theme it's easy ! !
    In Mukashi theme (and the other also) , the folder is here :
    /recalbox/system/. emulationstation/themes
    il you want to try mukashi theme :
    -- Mukashi Legacy Clear 1080 and 720
    you just have to search favorite folder inside and change image and sound file by yours
    bg.jpg for picture and system.ogg for song
    be sure ton have at least one game in favorites
    i dont have enough skill to change splashscreen but you can also personalise the shell of the rpi, with some imagination

  • Perfect! Best Thanks! 😉

  • @airdream: Best THX 4 your Help! Beautiful!
    ...so i take your Theme, and mix it up with some BG.jpg. PERFECT! THANKS!

    But now, i will change the system.ogg in Favorites; and i had a little problem:
    I'v dl 'Monroe-Happy Birthday' YT-Video to mp3. Onlineconverter to Ogg. Rename it to system.ogg.
    But! I Can't hear anything? Is there a special Format?

  • ...a Reboot will HELP! OMG! SRY!

    But, is there a Way to play a mp4 in Background?
    ...this where *****! ...awesome! 😉

    Or, a other screensaver? Did anyone has a hint, please?

  • Themer

    glad to ear that you did well (some bitrate of .ogg file don't play well, if thas case change for another birate )
    you can use this for change birate : https://audio.online-convert.com/fr/convertir-en-ogg
    i think we ca only put fix picture for the background, for current realease.
    Maybe in a next version of recalbox.... (MP4 or similar)
    another advice for the picture bg.jpg and bg1.jpg, keep the same resolution (1080 or 720) and compress it for not exceded 1 MO

  • Themer

    The reason to keep the pictures lower data volume as possible is the video RAM of the RPI is very limited, take care to not install so heavy pictures ( under 1 Mo) or you will be confronted to white screen occasionally.

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