Recalbox 7.0

Kodi with gamepads

  • Hi guys.
    I am mainly using the Kodi part of Recalbox, especially the picture viewer. Using gamepads as input device, I noticed that some functions do not work properly. E.g., the Xbox 360 (wired) controller can not navigate up or down with the D-pad! Left and right are working. This could probably be solved using the keymap editor.
    But my main problem is with the Dualshock3 controller: when I zoom into a picture and want to scroll around inside the zoomed picture, all directions of the left thumbstick go either down or right, but not up nor left. I even viewed the keymap file, where the according action (called "AnalogMove") is simply assigned to the "left thumbstick". Therefore, I have no means of changing this behavior. Inside the emulation part of recalbox the left thumbstick is recognized properly: I can move in all 4 directions in Doom and Zelda.
    I had a LibreElec installation before with the current version of Kodi. This had slightly different key layout (zoom with D-pad), but the scrolling of zoomed-in pictures worked as it should using the left thumbstick of the Dualshock3 controller.

    Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3B+, original Sony Dualshock3 gamepad (via BT)
    Recalbox version: 6.11 Dragonblaze

    How can I fix this issue?

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