Xbox 360 controller bug

  • After a couple minutes of gameplay of NBA 2K16 on PC, the Y button gets completely (occupied) by the B button, simply everytime I press Y, it does the B command (set screen instead of rebound), so I completely lose control of the Y.

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    What's your version of Recalbox (don't say "the last one")?
    Are you using a ready-made image from the internet, or did you buy everything ready?
    Is it an original wired joystick?
    Have you tried to remap the control in the Emulationstation menu?

  • @Zing I don't actually know what is recalbox, I just found this forum and posted my problem because I can't find any help anywhere but I can see on this page ,,Raspberry Pi 4", joystick is original wired, and no, I didn't remap nothing at all.
    All I did was simply plugging in the joystick to my pc and playing the game, I never needed some kind of emulations.
    (Sorry for the late reply though).

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    @PlagiSlavas Recalbox is a retro emulation operating system, which works on Raspberry pi or computer. This is the Recalbox Forum, which only supports situations related to the Recalbox system, if this is not your case, you will not be supported, as you are in the wrong place.

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