Moonlight Streaming Stopped Working

  • Up until a couple days ago Moonlight streaming worked perfectly on my Recalbox setup, so clearly something changed. I am wondering if it is a Steam client change... I rolled back my GFE AND Driver version and my driver version to 361.43 (because those had updates done in the last few days). When I launch Moonlight I get the NVidia GameStream screen with the spinning wheel of doom, then it exits back to ES after about 45 seconds. I will go back into Mooonlight and the NVidia GameStream screen comes back up but this time Steam launches, it does a fresh launch... It launches into Big Pic mode and I go to select a game and at various points in BPM it crashes, then I get booted out back to the main menu. HELP, this is driving me insane. I am using Recalbox 3.3.0 RPi2 - Havent seen any updates... Thank you, in advance for the help!

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