How can I reset to a stock shader?

  • I chose a shader for a particular core, now I'm not happy about it and I want to go back to the stock shader.
    Problem is, I can't find it. (What is its name?)
    I tried to disable the one I used by set it to 0 passes, save it as a core preset, but when I load a game it comes back as 1 passes.
    I'm using Recalbox 4 on my Raspberry Pi 3B.
    Thanks for your help. 20200419_222001b.jpg

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    @Alex40ar said in How can I reset to a stock shader?:

    I'm using Recalbox 4

    First, read this:
    I think you can manually edit it directly in the configuration file, following the explanation above.
    NOTE: You are using an obsolete version of Recalbox, and the Forum does not support it, the correct thing is that you update to the latest version. For this, you need to do a clean installation. As has already been announced on the forum, soon (there is still no correct date) there will be an update, and unfortunately it will require a clean install again, so you may not want to update now, but understand that obsolete versions are not supported.

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