Local dosbox.cfg does not take missing variables from dosbox.conf (global)?

  • I'm a bit confused, according to the docs:
    "dosbox.conf is a configuration file that DOSBox can use globally and/or locally per game (and settings that are left out are taken from the global file)"

    But I created a dosbox.cfg, added one variable "mapperfile=mapper-0.74.map" in the local directory and I now have a screeen that is about 1/8th the actual screensize.
    When I copy the entire ~/share/system/configs/dosbox.conf to ./dosbox.cfg, it works properly (and uses the local mapperfile.

    Need some clarification since this behavior appears to be contradictory. Or did I miss something in the recalbox specific documentation?

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    @Smacaroni The DOSBOX Documentation on Recalbox is:

    I believe that the correct way is, you enter a DOS game, and press CTRL + F1, this will open a screen showing a virtual keyboard, then you select the key you want to emulate on the joystick. If you want to use the ASDW keys as a directional on the joystick, for example, click with the mouse on the "A" key of that virtual keyboard, click on the "ADD" button that will appear on the part below this keyboard, and after clicking on the "ADD", press on the joystick the left directional one, so, every time you press the left directional pad on the joystick, it will be equivalent to pressing A on the keyboard, and so on.

  • That will modify the global configuration unless you've created a local configuration. I was able to create a "pretty good" global config, but I need to make a few local configs for games that have different elements, like one uses space bar to shoot, another uses the CTRL key(s). My options are either to use a local file or to modify the key map each time I play a different game.
    The key mapping took a bit of time to figure out, but that's not where the problem is.

    The DOSbox docs say "settings that are left out are taken from the global file", but on RecalBox DOSbox, if the setting doesn't exist, it's either not being set or it's being pulled from an entirely different config file, but only when a local dosbox.cfg file is used.

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    @Smacaroni I understand your positioning, the DOSBOX documentation is only for reference in this case, it does not mean that DOSBOX in RECALBOX works exactly the same. Really, the best way in this case is to configure game by game.

  • Now I know. I'll just make sure I add a copy of the global config to each .pc directory to simplify things.


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