Improving the PS1 emulation

  • My recalbox panel show that my raspberry has only 250mb of ram while my model (Pi3 A+) has 512mb. Do recalbox split with gpu all that ram?If yes, there are ways without overclocking to make the ps1 "havier" games running smoothly?

    All ps1 games I have tested run quite smooth but I found a little fps difference with more "recent" games. For example Crash Bandicoot 1 run smoother than Crash Bandicoot 3 cause the graphic is better. Are there tricks to let the raspberry do the best for the heavier games. For example adding more ram to gpu is the way?

  • In Recalbox/Retroarch you can disable image smoothing and turn off vsync to perhaps gain a little more performance. Check Retroarch to see if the games are opening with an active shader (disable this). In the PS1 emulation core options, see if options like "Improve internal resolution" and Speedhacks are enabled or disabled.

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