Rock candy ps3 problems

  • hiya , ive recently built a raspberry pi 2 with the newest recalbox installed . I have it working with my ps4 controller and a usb cable , but im trying to get it to work with a wireless rock candy ps3 controller. these controllers are battery operated and don't have a usb connection , they are on the compatibility list but they wont work , can any one help me with this ? thanks

  • and with the Bluetooth dongle that comes with them , when searching it doesn't do anything , just says no controllers found , but with a different dongle I have it does search , but doesn't pick them up .

  • Got this working , don't know what was wrong , but after a few restarts it connected by its self . Rick candy controller is great for it , no lag or sticking when used on 1 player , but on 2 player with two wireless controllers , one controller seems to stick when turning

  • WOW, I don't know where to start. First off, your biggest mistake was getting a rock candy. Jokes aside, that dongle is a proprietary 2.4 Ghz dongle, one that works with just that controller. It doesn't need to be paired with that controller. It should work like a USB controller, just plug and play.

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