Frontend personal music does not play

  • I put a song in the share/music folder. It meets the requirements. It is in mp3 format, 192kbps bitrate/sampling rate 44100Hz. Recalbox shows a pop-up with the name of the song indicating that it is being played but there is no sound. I am using the same music file that i have always used in previous versions of Recalbox and the music has always played. I converted the song to ogg format and it still didn't work. The standard songs that came with Recalbox work. Any solution?

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    Convert to ogg

  • @matze1980 Initially i put the song in mp3 format because now Recalbox supports mp3, as described in the "readme" file in the share/music folder but i remembered that in the past Recalbox only accepted the ogg format so i converted the music to ogg but even so there is no sound. Recalbox shows the pop-up with the name of the song indicating that it would be playing. The music normally plays on other players.

  • If you ever want to add your own music to home screen:

    Download desired music as mp3
    Use this website to convert to .ogg using this Website
    Set Audio Bitrate to 256kbps and Sampling rate to 44100Hz
    Convert File and download
    Place .ogg file in \recalbox\share\music

    Check Soundestting/Frontend Musik ON


  • @matze1980 Now it worked. The program i was using to convert the songs was making the bitrate bigger, due to my lack of attention. I put on a second song but now it just keeps playing and doesn't change to the first song i put on, why does this happen?

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