NeoGeo Emulator core options?

  • Is it yet possible to set "neogeo.core=" to "mame2003"?? I seem to be unable to get a 0.37b5 neogeo romset for use with the imame4all core and would prefer to use the 0.78 neogeo romset anyway on my RPi2 for neogeo emulation. Even though the neogeo roms work fine in the mame2003 emulator for the mame catagory, in the neogeo catagory none of the roms will load. I made sure to copy all the neogeo roms and the BIOS to the neogeo rom folder and in my configuration I set the following: neogeo.emulator=libretro neogeo.core=mame2003   Am I really limited to only imame4all or fba when using libretro as the emulator? If this is the case, can anyone reccomend how I can take a current mame romset with clrmamepro and make a fba2x neogeo set out of it?   Thanks in advance for any help

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