Problem with Ultimarc IPAC in version 6.1.1

  • Hello people! I'm having trouble configuring ipac in version 6.1.1. In version 6.1 I used this tutorial and it worked fine but in the new version 6.1.1 it doesn't work. Does anyone know how to do it? Is it possible to download the old version somewhere? Sorry for my english but i'm using google translator i'm portuguese. thanks

  • I use 6.1.1 and the ipac2 works out of the box. nothing special to do... however, I changed my buttons to all alpha numeric keys, and no special keys other than the standard up, down, left, right arrow keys.

    The trackball working is an entirely different story.. at least in x86_64 that is.. .

  • Hi,

    I am an amateur, but I have installed the Retropie edition several times, without any problem with my joystick / IPAC2.

    Being French, I said to myself, let's test a French product. Honestly, the RecalBox interface is really cool, but the simple configuration of a joystick kit on a Bartop with the IPAC2 usb interface is really a hassle.

    I flashed my RecalBox several times on my SDCARD to be sure to leave on a fresh installation, and did many tests, without success. The behavior is as follows, I configure my joystick and its buttons without any problem in the RecalBox interface, I access all the menus.
    But as soon as I launch a game (in this case those provided automatically, for example nintendo) the start or select button is not effective, and of course the hotkey does not work either.

    I read all the forums, all the references to this famous link:

    I am still blocked. It's a shame, the product looks nice, but if the recognition base of a joystick does not work hard to go further.

    Regards Krys

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