Cannot set 1080i resolution for emulators

  • Hello everyone

    I`m trying to set emulator resolution via recalbox.conf by editing "global.videomode" value to "CEA 5 HDMI" which means 1080i resolution for all emulators (default 720p). Everything works fine even after restarting recalbox.

    The problem is, value comes back to "CEA 4 HDMI" every time when i enter to "games setup" in main menu, even when i do not edit anything there. I think that problem can be solved by setting recalbox.conf file as "read only" but this soluttion make whole recalbox menu useless

    Is there any solution to fix it? When screen has a weak scaling algorithm, setting 1080p in-game like snes games, results in much, MUCH better, sharper image quality. In compare to this, pixel perfect option do literally nothing.

    I would recomend setting 1080p in emulator and see the diferrence in some games, especially during playing close to the screen 🙂

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