Sync Game Saves/States to Dropbox or similar?

  • Hi,   I was wondering if a future version of recalbox could have a manual sync function to cloud storage like dropbox for the game saves/states. Perhaps it could become an option of the ES Menu under Game or Network settings? This would allow both a fast and convenient way to backup save data but more importantly allow someone to sync saves/states across diferent recalboxes and even use in RetroArch for other OS' like windows/mac/linux desktop. Games could be played on multiple platforms or recalboxes and you could always pickup right where you last left off so long as you sync'd your saves before shutting down the last platform you used. I think it would be an amazing idea and would personally make use of it across two recalboxes in my home, a third at work and a desktop Windows PC running RetroArch.   What do you all think?

  • Bump. Is there some kind of tutorial how to accomplish this the right way? Automatic backups of our saves to dropbox, NAS or GoogleDrive would be nice. I think of the backup tool in KODI and OSMC to backup the configuration.

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    Hello megatools are installed in recalbox 4.0.0b3 , it's for mega account. you can use a NAS for your roms, not need backup.

  • Currently I have settled on using a windows batch file on my PC at each location to sync my saves and states between the multiple recalboxes via dropbox (could be any syncing service). It is very basic and of course a manual process on running the batch file but it works well for now until (hopefully) something gets "baked in" to the recalbox itself.

  • Yes, I know that it is somehow possible to do this with fstab to mount a NAS network location. But this is overwritten after every update. What about a real feature for everyone?

  • I have used rclone in a D-Link NAS successfully to backup my data to Dropbox. It supports several cloud services, could be an option.

  • No everyone owns a NAS. But most people own a cloud storage service (google, dropbox, etc). Can't we copy the function from the kodi project over to recalbox? They do it exactly  the ways those are described here: sync to dropbox, googledrive or network path with a scheduler.

  • That was only an example, you don't need a NAS to run rclone! Please follow these steps to get rclone running in your recalbox and so have the ability to sync with your Dropbox: 1) SSH your recalbox 2) Download the rclone: # wget 3) Unzip: # unzip 4) Link the recalbox with Dropbox: # cd rclone-v1.30-linux-arm # ./rclone config e) Edit existing remote n) New remote d) Delete remote s) Set configuration password q) Quit config e/n/d/s/q> n name> remote Type of storage to configure. Choose a number from below, or type in your own value 1 / Amazon Cloud Drive \ "amazon cloud drive" 2 / Amazon S3 (also Dreamhost, Ceph) \ "s3" 3 / Backblaze B2 \ "b2" 4 / Dropbox \ "dropbox" 5 / Google Cloud Storage (this is not Google Drive) \ "google cloud storage" 6 / Google Drive \ "drive" 7 / Hubic \ "hubic" 8 / Local Disk \ "local" 9 / Microsoft OneDrive \ "onedrive" 10 / Openstack Swift (Rackspace Cloud Files, Memset Memstore, OVH) \ "swift" 11 / Yandex Disk \ "yandex" Storage> 4 Dropbox App Key - leave blank normally. app_key> Dropbox App Secret - leave blank normally. app_secret> Remote config Please visit: Enter the code: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX -------------------- [remote] app_key = app_secret = token = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX_XXXX_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX -------------------- y) Yes this is OK e) Edit this remote d) Delete this remote y/e/d> y e) Edit existing remote n) New remote d) Delete remote s) Set configuration password q) Quit config e/n/d/s/q> q 5) Test the connection: # ./rclone lsd remote: 6) Follow the rclone documentation for usage:

  • that would be an answer I expected in the retropie boards. 😉 So seriously: Maybe this is something someone could implement with an UI in recalbox?

  • I can leave without this, but for sure the feature would add some nice possibilities. I could recompile recalbox to have rclone by default, but I don't know how to deal with Emulationstation programming to integrate it in the UI.

  • Hi, for your information, this kind of feature should be available upstream in recalbox 4.1. A first pull request to implement it has been merged yesterday. So wait and see.

  • you rock... addicted. 🙂 Great to hear that.

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