Issues with fresh installs corrupting

  • I've now installed Recalbox on a few different devices (128GB USB, 128GB mSATA internal, 128GB mSATA in USB, 512 GB SSD internal), and inevitably I come to the same issue after the system has been online for a few days. At some point the upgrade process is kicking in and something is getting corrupted in my install. It goes from a working install with ~227 games to a basic install that has wiped everything and corrupted the drive partition. Anyone have any idea what could be causing this (or if there are any logs I can attempt to view/provide off my install)?

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    detail your hardware please.
    redownload your image , may be corrupt.

  • @acris I've redownload the image a few times. MD5 shows it hasn't changed

    Dell Alienware D07U Core i3-4130T 2.9GHz
    512 GB Micron SSD

    Will try again just to play it safe. Also going to attempt to disable the auto update before doing anything just to make sure it isn't the update process. If it happens again is there any set of logs I can grab?

  • @acris I should mention this has happened on a Gigabyte Brix box, as I mentioned on a USB attached to a Dell Precision M4600 laptop, and a few other devices while I was just fiddling around. I've captured some screenshots of what ES shows about updates after it happens as well.

  • I'm storing diagnostic items in this folder:

    As you can see, after a fresh install I have a nice big hard drive, but after whatever is happening it's being reset to this weird "post update" type state.

  • Additional notes: I blocked my recalbox from talking to the internet (but allowed local so I could use Skraper), and it appears to be avoiding the issue causing the corruptions.

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