EmulationStation Takes Forever to Exit

  • Hi all, Ever since using WinSCP to copy over about 20GB of roms AND my "gamelists" and "downloaded_images", it takes about 5-10 minutes for EmulationStation to quit. I get the same huge delay regardless of trying to shutdown or restart from the ES menu as well as if I press F4 to quit ES with the intent to get to a command prompt (alt+F2).   Every time I get stuck at the ES white logo screen for 5-10min before it quits, reboots or shuts down. What should the permissions be on the gamelists & download_images directories and files? Perhaps they are wrong and it's hanging trying to read or update them? Is this normal because of the huge amount of roms?   This happens on every clean install of recalbox I do. It's fast as lightning before I copy my own stuff over and then this happens every time after my copy is done.   Suggestions?   Thanks in advance.

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